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J Richardson

J Richardson is a British-born songwriter and producer who lives in a quiet wooded valley an hour from Helsinki. His music is lush and atmospheric, inspired by classic songwriting but experimentally daring, absorbing everything from sound art and film music to psychedelic pop and old school funk. Richardson’s second solo album The Pine and the Birch will be released in August 2022 by Longfield Lane Records. His debut solo album, The Fold, was released by Svart Records in 2017. The Fold was enthusiastically received and was performed live on the Finnish club circuit. Richardson is also a collaborator on the mixed-media electronic project Trappist-1 by the duo Undercover Buddha, also scheduled for release in 2022. In addition to solo music, he has performed on albums by the doom folk artist Kimi Kärki and the sound artist and composer Petri Kuljuntausta. 


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